Heaven, Earth, Tequila simply won’t let you go. The images in this collection remain etched in the mind, in the heart. Menuez takes us to the pueblo of Tequila, Jalisco, where our national beverage was born of the earth. Tequila, our consecrated palliative we raise high to toast the bride and groom, or sip with salty tears in times of sorrow. As we turn each page we can smell the the tierra tapatía, we can hear the music of the mariachis who can summon tears or fill the heart with allegría…we can hear an old woman down on her knees talking to God, touch a weary laborer’s callous hand. In the courtyards of the old haciendas, we smell the air fringed with orange blossoms, savor the tequlia reposado. Each image lives, and by the time you reach the end you become aware that all your senses have been aroused. And you start again from Page 1. Menuez has assembled more than 70 black-and-white and color photographs con Corazon, con almo- ¡con sudor!
— Daniel Reveles, San Diego Union Tribune

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