Menuez Archive Projects

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Menuez Archive Projects was formed as a boutique stock agency in 2009 to serve the advertising and design communities with rights-managed imagery created by Doug Menuez. Reviewing over 30 years of timeless images for commercial and advertising relevancy, we culled highlights from an entire career of story-telling. Spanning successful careers in photojournalism, advertising and fine art image-making, the body of work presented here for the first time in one place shares a common perspective and vision. By reflecting Doug's narrative approach to image creation, the images stand independently as powerful documentary elements.

Taken together, the images represent entire stories and are often presented as such in addition to traditional thematic groupings. The archive is decidedly not retrospective, however. Fresh new images are being created on a regular basis to respond to current demands and trends. All share the same unique point-of-view that has been a constant through-line in a long and varied career.